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Hartington 1 inch to 1 mile 1962 Ordnance Survey

£2.50 £2.85

Hartington Vintage Ordnance Survey Greeting Card

A unique and thoughtful way to express your sentiments to your loved ones. This distinctive card features the Ordnance Survey One-Inch to One-Mile (Sheet 111) from 1962, centered on the picturesque village of Hartington in the heart of the Peak District.

The intricate details of the map evoke the nostalgia of yesteryears, offering a beautiful backdrop for your heartfelt message. With its vintage charm and historic significance, this card is perfect for celebrating milestones, reminiscing about shared memories, or simply conveying your warmest wishes. 

High-Quality, Blank Square Card

Ordnance Survey Sheet 111, 1962, 1 inch to 1 mile 

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