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Your Favourite Places Puzzled

Pieceful Maps

Allow your customers to discover their favourite British locations in a whole new way with the quality jigsaw puzzles from Pieceful Maps!

Using OS data with maps produced at 1:250,000 scale, these puzzles include a wonderful level of detail on each piece. They will keep your customers absorbed and challenged for days, testing their knowledge of their own areas or giving them a new perspective on their much-loved holiday destinations.

Forget poring over hundreds of pieces of almost identical blue sky or green grass, each puzzle is carefully designed to ensure that (virtually?) every piece has a unique face that will only fit into its own space - once they’ve found it!

Perfect for both map lovers and puzzle fans, Pieceful Maps Jigsaw Puzzles appeal to a wide demographic of every age, and will provide hours of great entertainment and education for the whole family.

I am writing to let you know that over the holiday I completed my best ever jigsaw. It was a jigsaw that just kept on giving. I imagined that I knew my area quite well, but the map proved me wrong and I discovered many new places. I believe that the success of your product is down to the detail that appears on each piece. Swathes of blue sea and sky do nothing for me; this product has small clues in almost every piece. Thank you for producing a product which has given me so much pleasure.