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Grabbing the Setting Sun


Grabbing the Setting Sun

Immerse yourself in the warm beauty of sunset with our 'Grabbing the Setting Sun' photographic print. This exceptional image captures the Hope Valley at sunset from the unique vantage point of Carhead Rocks. Framed in the fissure of the iconic Knuckle Stone, the setting sun becomes the focal point of this compelling composition, casting a warm glow over the foreground grasses.

The photograph skilfully frames the sun in the gap of the Knuckle Stone, creating the captivating illusion of 'grabbing' the celestial body. The foreground grasses are bathed in the sun's warm light, their amber hues contrasting with the cooler tones of the surrounding landscape and the deepening sky, forming an appealing interplay of colours and contrasts.


The canvas has a black edge so that the whole photograph is to the face, the edge is 20mm. 

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The use of high quality glass filters for landscape photography is quite simply game changing and will improve your resulting images. I am happy to talk filters and help you get started, start a conversation here