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Manchester Panorama

Shrigley Hall Hotel boasts some of the most stunning views in the North West, with panoramic vistas of the Cheshire Plain, Manchester, Liverpool, and even parts of Wales. But how do you capture such an expansive scene in one photograph? The answer is simple: panoramic photography.

To create the panoramic photo of the view from Shrigley Hall, I used a technique called stitching. This involves taking multiple photos of the same scene, each with a slight overlap, and then using software to merge them into one seamless image.

To start, I found the perfect spot to capture the view. This involved finding a high vantage point that would offer a clear view of the surrounding landscape. Once I had found the ideal location, I set up my camera and tripod.

To ensure that the photos would line up perfectly when stitched together, I used a bubble level to make sure my camera was perfectly straight. I then took a series of photos, panning the camera from left to right with each shot. For this particular photo, I took a total of 10 shots.

Once I had taken all of the photos, I imported them into stitching software. I simply selected all of the photos and clicked "Merge to Panorama." The software then worked its magic, aligning and blending the images to create one seamless panoramic photo. I did a little further corrective work to produce a perfect final image of the expansive view.

The end result is a stunning image that captures the breathtaking views from Shrigley Hall. Guests can now look at the photo and identify the different landmarks they see, from the Cheshire Plain to Manchester and beyond. They can even spot the hills of Wales in the distance.


The panoramic photo is not only beautiful, but it also serves a practical purpose. Guests can use it to orient themselves and get a better sense of the surrounding area. It's a great conversation starter, too, as guests can compare notes on what they see in the photo and share their own experiences of the area.

The panoramic photo of the view from Shrigley Hall Hotel is a stunning piece that showcases the beauty of the North West. It's an excellent tool for guests to get their bearings and learn more about the surrounding area. Whether guests are locals or tourists, they are sure to appreciate the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views from one of the most iconic spots in the region.

And the result... (courtesy of LinkedIn)...

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