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Recently commissioned to photograph High Ashes Haven for their new website.

Nestled amid the soothing landscapes of undulating countryside and perched on the precipice of the iconic Peak District, High Ashes Haven calls out for exploration. This captivating refuge is strategically situated between the delightful towns of Chesterfield and Matlock, offering an idyllic retreat from the monotonous drone of everyday life. It's a destination that charms its visitors with a harmonious blend of tranquillity and natural allure.

High Ashes Haven boasts a history that traces its roots back to the early 1640s or potentially even earlier. A visit to this haven is akin to a journey through a time portal, whisking you away to an era that breathed simplicity and a deep connection with nature. Here, one can stroll along the footprints of the past, form an intimate bond with nature, and experience a serenity that seems almost elusive in the breakneck pace of the contemporary world.

High Ashes Haven's accommodation is nothing short of unique. Crafted with a keen eye for tradition and individuality, it guarantees an unforgettable stay for every guest. The centrepiece of the accommodation is a gritstone barn built in traditional style. Its sturdy structure and timeless allure resonate with tales of the past while simultaneously offering all the comforts of modern times.

Complementing the barn is an array of exquisitely designed glamping units, thoughtfully scattered across the haven for ultimate privacy. Each unit encourages guests to indulge in a distinctive living experience that fuses the rustic charm of camping with the luxury of modern amenities. This unique amalgamation appeals to those who wish to savour the beauty of nature without forgoing comfort.

High Ashes Haven goes beyond merely offering a space for relaxation; it offers an immersive experience. Guests can roam the expansive farm, acquaint themselves with local flora and fauna, and meet a variety of friendly farm animals. The haven is home to amiable sheep, playful pigs, curious chickens, and elegant ducks. These charming creatures contribute to the homely feel that High Ashes Haven exudes.

In essence, High Ashes Haven extends an invitation to experience an extraordinary retreat. Tucked between the hills of Chesterfield and Matlock on the outskirts of the Peak District, the haven provides a unique rendezvous with history, nature, and tranquillity. Accommodation options seamlessly blend tradition with comfort, ensuring that a stay here is not merely about relaxation but also about crafting special memories.

For those yearning to break free from the humdrum, to find solace from the incessant noise, the crowds, and the concrete jungle, High Ashes Haven presents itself as the perfect solution. It's more than a location; it's a sensation, an experience, an extraordinary departure from the ordinary. High Ashes Haven welcomes all to step into its enchanting realm and bid adieu to stress. In this haven, guests can re-establish their connection with nature, bask in the countryside's warmth, and create memories that will perennially draw them back to High Ashes Haven.

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